Having good energy throughout the day has an impact on everything you do. This includes your cognitive focus, your interactions with people and your ability to train well. Our work with clients has uncovered five primary energy goals that we see repeatedly - and for good reason!

Top 5 energy goals

  1. Wake up feeling rested and refreshed
  2. Have plenty of energy to workout when you choose
  3. Maintain good physical energy and feel cognitively sharp throughout the day
  4. Avoid the afternoon energy crash
  5. Wind down to a lower energy state in the evening, and sleep well through the night

Your daily pattern of sleep and wakefulness is regulated by the ‘suprachiasmatic nucleus’. The SCN is tiny region of the brain which acts as an internal ‘master’ clock that controls your circadian rhythms and other biological clocks throughout your body.

All living beings are guided by these circadian rhythms, a daily cycle which triggers a range of biological processes including hormone production, cell regeneration and brainwave activity. This means that your alertness, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism and even your behaviour are all aligned with the rotation of the planet(1).

By definition, circadian rhythms are ‘endogenous’ - meaning they are built in or self sustaining. However they are adjusted (or ‘entrained’) by a number of external cues particularly light, eating patterns and sleeping patterns. Your energy levels are inextricably linked with your circadian rhythms. While no two people are alike, scientists have identified a number of different circadian ‘chronotypes’, and the research in this area shows that there certainly are genetic differences between ‘morning people’ and ‘night owls’.

Identifying your individual chronotype can be helpful as this reveals your personalised circadian rhythm. Our health coaching service includes a tailored wellness program based on your epigenetics. This assists you to get into your ideal flow state. If you are already aware of your individual chronotype, then altering your workday schedule so that it is compatible with your chronotype will be hugely beneficial to your energy levels.

As well as working within your individual chronotype, there are other important lifestyle factors at play.  The five key areas to focus on are Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction, Supplementation or D.R.E.S.S., which are a set of holistic health protocols developed by Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. We will outline these five pillars of health in an upcoming series of blog posts.

We offer a bespoke D.R.E.S.S. protocol which is tailored to your goals and body type, please reach out to us via our Health Coaching page.

1. The circadian cycle: daily rhythms from behaviour to genes