How much attention do you pay to your level of health?

Health is something that is personal to everyone. One person’s view of ‘good health’ could be another person’s view of not healthy at all.

Understanding your current level of health is a great start, but it’s also about setting standards for yourself and your family.

You might want to start looking at possible reasons for getting to a better level of health – for yourself so it’s easy to breeze through everyday, for your family and friends so you have more energy to give to them, and for your future. You may want to enjoy your life fully and well into old age, rather than having to worry about any kind of disease. People have many reasons why they might want to get healthier – how much have you thought about yours?

The basis of health is having good digestion and assimilation of nutrients, as well as a normal functioning elimination system that comes from diet (correct food, hydration, supplementation), appropriate rejuvenating sleep, keeping blood sugar levels stable (eating appropriate for your body and goals) and using functional movement / exercise daily to ensure your body is working optimally.

If your goal is to improve your health concerns and body composition for whatever reason, the first step is slowly but surely improving your habits and energy day-to-day. There are a lot of factors that influence our energy, including diet, lifestyle, hormones and adrenal health. And sometimes it’s really difficult to pinpoint where to focus, where to start or what the next steps should be.

You can either take on the journey yourself or with a health coach. Whichever route is best for you, you would need to initially look at your diet – what type of foods are you putting in your body and are they helping or hindering your health?

We recommend a diet of a good range of seasonal food, free range or organic meats and vegetables and a healthy dose of fats, proteins and moderate carbohydrates. Depending on your body type and goals, there will be a number of factors associated with how your diet will look day to day. This is something we can help with directly, but also something we can provide more details on. If you’re interested please comment below.

To support your system and your road to health, supplementation wise, initially you need to get your gut and liver into a good state of repair – we will cover this in detail in a later post, but as a starter, look at taking ION*BiomeCod Liver Oil, and some liver support supplements. You could also make some bone broth to help with digestion, assimilation of nutrients, not to mention providing you with extra minerals and a sense of overall wellbeing. Giving yourself two disciplined weeks should give you a good indication as to what changes you may have in energy, or other symptoms associated with your health. If you don’t notice any change after two weeks, we strongly suggest for you to get in touch with a health practitioner to get lab testing done as well as recommendations on specific diet and supplementation to get you on track more quickly.

Stay tuned for our tips to help you progress up the levels toward optimal and functional health!