Lesson Seven: Supporting mental performance through exercise.

A simple way to support your mental wellbeing and cognitive function is through — surprise, surprise — exercise.

The reason that exercise works so well for mental health is likely to be related to three interrelated benefits [1]:

    1. It increases neurotrophic factors in our brain,

    2. Stimulates the release of endorphins, and

    3. Increases cerebral blood flow aiding in nutrient and oxygen transport to the brain.

Support your body and mind with supplements

Scientifically backed workout supplements can complement a healthy diet, supporting muscle recovery and workout benefits. [2] They can be effective both pre- and post-training for better performance and quicker recovery. Magnesium supplements may help to support cellular energy, muscle repair, and mitochondrial health. [3]

The role of Coffee and Collagen

Coffee, consumed before a workout, supports metabolism and energy levels. [4] This is due to its thermogenic properties, which can temporarily increase metabolic rate and energy expenditure. [5]

Collagen is crucial for joint support and recovery, providing amino acids essential for bone protection and tissue repair. [6] Our ability to produce collagen decreases with age, slowing workout recovery and tissue repair. Great Lakes Wellness - Collagen Hydrolysate, with 20 different amino acids from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle, is a great source of collagen. Glyphosate-free and keto-friendly, it can be taken twice daily, in the morning and post-workout, or mixed into coffee, smoothies, or breakfast bowls.

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Note: The article is intended for informational purposes. For medical advice or information about specific products, it's advised to consult with healthcare professionals or refer directly to the product manufacturers.