Our modern lives contain many threats to a healthy gut including antibiotics, environmental toxins, alcohol and chronic stress.  As covered in our earlier blog post, when the microbiome of our digestive system is out balance, this can create a hostile environment for the beneficial bacteria to survive and thrive.   

Whilst probiotics get a lot of airtime, there are actually three key elements involved in maintaining a healthy intestinal microbiota. Probiotics are the vast flora of bacteria and yeasts living in our digestive systems; prebiotics provide food for living bacteria; and digestive enzymes are proteins found in the saliva and digestive system and help our bodies break down the nutrients in the food we eat. 



Probiotics are good bacteria and yeasts - living microorganisms which outnumber human cells by 10:1.

Probiotics support strong immune function, mental health and can help to reduce inflammation.


Prebiotics are found in many fresh fruits and vegetables, and provide food for probiotics.

Prebiotics help probiotics grow and thrive, so you can maintain a healthy balance of gut flora.






Digestive enzymes are proteins that break down nutrients in the foods that we eat.

Enzymes are made in the pancreas and stomach and secreted into saliva and digestive tract. Additional enzymes are made by probiotics.


We have a range of products to support your digestive system and overall gut health, including probiotics, prebiotics and enzyme support.  If you’d like to discuss your specific needs please get in touch on our health coaching page.